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JAPEWは暴⼒に反対します  /  JAPEW opposes Violence








JAPEW opposes Violence

March 10, 2022

Japan Association of Physical Education for Women

Russian troops under President Putin are invading Ukraine in violation of international law, escalating extremely inhumane acts targeting the general public, especially the elderlies, women and children. Together with the world, we are watching the violations of human rights caused by the few at present in power, with anger, sadness and regret.

What can we, educators, instructors, and researchers do now? We have the role of sharing the problems of any violence with children, students and participants to create concepts for the future worth living. The exchange of values and the promotion of QOL created by physical education, sports, and dance, which we, Japan Association of Physical Education for Women, specialize in, prove that you cannot deprive "freedom of mind and body" for each and every one of us. In this way, we lay the foundation for a healthy society and contribute to peace.

We, JAPEW, oppose violence and stand by people who are developing support for those who have been physically and mentally injured by the invasion of Ukraine. No matter what nationality they have and no matter where they are.



令和5年2月11日をもちまして、令和4年度「JAPEW未来世代の研究発表会」を終了いたしました。 コロナ禍で大変な状況の中、ご参加・ご来場いただきまして誠にありがとうございました。今年度は2年ぶりに対面にて開催することができました。その中では多くの交流が見られ、顔を合わせることの良さを改めて実感することができました。 「第66回研究論文発表部門」は演題数27題、参加大学8校、発表者32名、「卒業ダ

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